100 Ration Cards to be Distributed in UP Under National Food Security Act

The chief minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav will start the distribution of the ration cards today under National Food Security Act (NFCA).

Today is the first phase of the distribution of the ration cards. 100 eligible families will be given ration cards at government residence of chief minister in Lukhnow.

Although the state government was waiting for the plastic covers for the ration cards which were departure from Delhi on last late night.

This scheme was started in 28 districts from January and in 47 districts from March but the eligible families were not having ration cards till now.

Although in the first phase starting this scheme it was declared that for the 40% of eligible families the ration card will be completed but due to the week paper of the ration card cover. So the ration cards were not distributed.

To overcome this problem the state government has made the scheme to make the heavy covers for the ration cards and 12 crore Rs were allotted for this scheme.

The welfare association also assured that it will complete procedure of ration cards up to 20 October but only 100 ration cards were completed for the first phase.

The officers of food department told that the total number of the ration cards have not be completed but 100 ration cards have been prepared for the distribution in first phase.

So today there is the preparation of distributing the 100 plastic covered ration cards to the eligible families in this first phase of this scheme.




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