50,000 Free Tablets for Government Teachers in Delhi

Delhi government announced a scheme under which 50,000 government teachers will get tablets to reduce their non teaching work burden.

In the national capital Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia holds the education portfolio and he has directed to officials to prepare a scheme to buy 50,000 tablets for the teachers and for the principals of 1024 schools.

Among the teachers who will get tablets there will be 16000 guest teachers also. This scheme will be started in next two months to lessen the clerical burden on the teachers of the government schools.

These tablets are distributed to reduce the paper work in the government schools. Most of the teachers in the government schools are engaged in the data entry and in the management so it will reduce their work.

If the teachers are relieved from these responsibilities then they will be able to give their complete performance in the classrooms.

The government will also provide internet data to the teachers so they can do the required work online also.

As per this plan the teachers will mark the attendance by the android tablets and a sms will be sent to the parents of students that they have attended the classes or not.

The education and information technology department is directed to work over this project.

The teachers will be able to start tabulate marks on tablets and generate report cards by March when next exam is held.

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