Annapurna Yojana by Madhya Pradesh Government

A lot of strategies are being taken by political leaders to attract the peoples attention in elections. The political leaders start many new schemes for the public. The Annapurna Yojana is launched by the state government of Madhya Pradesh to provide the healthy food for the poor families.

Inspired from the Tamilnadu’s Amma Canteen scheme, CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan will made a formal announcement of the scheme on 25 September. The CM has announced to provide wheat at Rs. Per kg and rice Rs. 2 per kg for the poor families. The responsibility of providing food given through various outlets would given to the local municipal corporation and the food department of the administration.

The main objective of Annapurna Yojana is to provide healthy food for the BPL and Antyodaya families at special rates. This scheme provide healthy and filling Thali at Rs. 10 only to the poor living in the state. The Thali will comprise of dal, roti, sabji, rice and pickle.

The Madhya Pradesh will be the first state after Chhattigarh to provide food grains at such special concessional rates. The 35 million peoples of Madhya Pradesh will benefit from these special rates. It also include 5.6 mllion BPL families and 0.8 million Antyodaya families. The official announcement of the scheme is yet to be made. But the peoples can get the benefit of this scheme after the elections. The Annapurna Yojana will benefit 74 lacs families in the state.

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