Bihar Skill Development Mission Features

The government of Bihar has launched a Bihar Skill Development Mission for the youth of the state to providing the skill development training. The government announced “7 commitments” named as  “Aarthik Hal, Yuvao ko Bal and this scheme “Kushal Yuva Programme” is one of these commitments. The government of Bihar is targeted of 15-25 age youth who looking for the job after the education. Through the Bihar Skill Development Mission the government want to increase the employment opportunity for the youth of Bihar.  The government wants to encourage and facilitate skill training for youth of Bihar.

The main objectives of this scheme is to motivate the youth through training and skill developments program. This program provide the employment opportunities for the youth of Bihar. The Bihar Skill Development mission increase the job opportunities in different sectors. When the young youth motivated about the this programme, then they have a good opportunity to develop their skills and ready yourself for the competition and for the employment. This program also meet the market demand for skilled manpower. The primary roles of Bihar Skill Developments Mission to establish a wide network of training centers and also provide employment opportunity for the youth of Bihar.

Features of Bihar Skill Development Mission

  • In the training delivery e-learning mode shall be used.
  • Three components Basic Computer Literacy, Communication Skill, and Life Skill would comes under the curriculum course for Kushal Yuva Program.
  • This program integrated certificate process and online assessment.
  • The central check the progress step by step through the web portal of each applicant.
  • the skipping of session stop the sequential mode of learning under this program.
  • When the trainee clear the assessment then he will be certified.

The government of Bihar gives the best opportunity for the young youth of bihar for increase the employment in the population. Bihar Skill Development Mission also encourage the youth about the skills and development for their future jobs. This program include all necessary activities which are important for the employment opportunity. The Bihar Skill Development Mission help the youth of Bihar to find employment easily. When the trainee complete the assessment successfully then the employment opportunity will be provided for the trainees.

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