Bihar Skill Development Mission Registration Process

Bihar Skill Development Mission (BSDM) has been constituted by the chief minister of Bihar. This mission is started to enhance the employ-ability of the youth of Bihar to increase the professional knowledge to meet the demand of the skilled manpower. It is a long term strategy which is recently being developed by the state government of Bihar. Under this scheme the state government will provide vocational training to 1 crore youths of Bihar. The primary role of this scheme is to create a wide network of training center for the youth Bihar.

Objective of this Mission

There are many objectives and the features of Bihar Skill Development Mission .

  • This mission has been started to generate more employment opportunities to the youth of state.
  • Skill training for the youth of Bihar is facilitated under this mission
  • To make such type of strategies this will create more employment for the youth of Bihar.
  • The main motto of this mission of this scheme is that it will monitor the employment generation in the various sectors.
  • This mission will provide the training for educated and uneducated persons to enhance their skills.

Skill Development Mission Registration

  • The applicant organization has to pay the fee of Rs 3000 per center.
  • The center which are registered under the this scheme has to renew their registration by paying Rs 1500 per center yearly.
  • The initial registration of the center will be valid to the date of center code registration 31 March 2018.
  • In the case of rejection or drawing of registration there will be the refund by the first quarter of next year.

This mission will provide training to the 1 crore youth in the time period of 4 years. This will help them to find the better employment and the job opportunities in Bihar and rest of India. Bihar government has 600 vocational institutes for the training of the youth in the state and 459 non government institutes.

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