Crop Cluster Development Program Haryana for farmers of Baagwani Villages

The state government of Haryana decides to launch a project namely Crop Cluster Development Program for the farmers of the Baagwani Villages. Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Minister OP Dhankar said today that the state government of Haryana allotted Rs. 510 crore for Crop Cluster Development Program.

Crop Cluster Development Program will boost the infrastructure facilities for the farmers with a focus on Baagwani Villages. The Crop Cluster Program is to develop the overall fields of the farming. Under this the program the state government of Haryana will provide the facilities to the farmers related to the farming.

Under Crop Cluster Program the farmers will get the facilities like new equipments, irrigation tools and the seeds for the better farming. This scheme or the program will provide the benefit to the farmers in making good crops.

The Crop Cluster Development Program on farm and marketing support to the horticulture farmers in 2016-17 would be executed in three years. During the three years the state government of Haryana will provide the facilities regarding the infrastructure with a special focus on the Baagwani Villages.

The project Crop Cluster Development Program aims at collectivizing farmers, especially small producers, at various levels, fostering technology penetration, improving productivity, enabling improved access to inputs and services, and increasing farmer incomes, thereby strengthening their sustainable agriculture-based livelihood.

Issues such as aggregation of produce, market linkages, grading, packing and standards, sanitary and phyto-sanitary measures, pesticide residues, microbiological contamination and market access would be addressed through this crop Program.

Crop Cluster Development Program would help in finding a way out of such problems as direct approach to targeted beneficiaries, improvement in quality, grades and standards, improvement in post-harvest management and increase in bargaining power of farmers. So the farmers of the state Haryana especially Baagwani Villages will be benefited under Crop Cluster Development Program.

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