Deendayal Vananchal Seva Yojana Introduced in MP

The state government of Madhya Pradesh introduced Deendayal Vananchal Seva Yojana on 20 October.

This scheme is announced by the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh Shivraj Chouhan. The main purpose of this scheme is to reach the underlying facilities to the villages which are in the forest area of the state.

पढ़े : दीनदयाल वनांचल सेवा योजना मध्यप्रदेश

Under this scheme 24000 villages will be the beneficiary.

On this occasion the chief minister said that to develop the forest areas villages we all have to work with coordination.

The chief minister Shivraj Chauhan said that the main mission of this scheme is to provide the medical facilities to the forest area villages to remove the malnutrition.

The head of this occasion was forest minister Dr Gaurishankar Sezwar said that this scheme is being proposed for the humanism and to uplift the standard of the forest areas villages.

Under this scheme the development of the humans and the development of the forests will be undertaken.

Four departments have been allotted to run this scheme to solve the problems of these villages in a new and better way.

Women and Children Development minister Archana Chitnis said that this is the positive step of the government to develop the forest areas villages.

She suggested that on the festival of Diwali the forest department will give the plants of fruits and vegetables under this scheme.

Under this scheme to grow the fruits and vegetables the ground is allotted for every school and for the Anganbadi department.

This is an important scheme which will remove the malnutrition and yo provode the better healthcare to the people who are living in the forest areas villages.

Under the scheme the villages which are in forest up to 5 kilometer are the beneficiary of this scheme.

To make it successful the officers of the forest will be given a special training and under this scheme it is assured that there will be the good human relations with the people who are living in the forest area villages.







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