Development of Production Infrastructure Scheme-Objectives & Eligibility

Development of Production Infrastructure (DPI) Scheme of the Ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) is being implemented through the coir board to develop the infrastructure of the production in the coir sector.

This scheme is run by the central government of the country.

This scheme provides financial assistance for setting up new units and modernization of sustainable growth of the coir sector.

The coir industry expanded its activities to such states where the cultivation of coconut is being expending in the non-traditional coconut states. So under this scheme the non-traditional coconut producing states will be provided financial assistance by the coir board to develop the producing infrastructure of the coir industry.

Objectives of Development of Production Infrastructure (DPI) Scheme

Coir board has set up its mission and objectives for the new set up coir industries.

  • Under this scheme the coir board will provide modern facilities to the production unit which will increase the productivity and the quality.
  • It will encourage the coir industry to spread the industry to the potential areas.
  • Under this scheme there will be the enhanced utilization of the available raw material.
  • This scheme will create more employment opportunities in the rural areas especially for the women.
  • Under this scheme the board will provide eco-friendly techniques which will make the environment pollution free.
  • This scheme will attract the new generation towards the coir industry.
  • This scheme will conduct such type of activities which will be helpful in the modernization of the existing units.

Eligibility for this scheme

To take the benefit of this scheme the coir board under the ministry of Small & Medium Enterprises (MSME) has set up some eligibility conditions for the beneficiaries.

  • The coir units which want to take the assistance under this scheme should be registered with the coir board under the coir industry. Rules 2008 and also the industries department of the state in which the unit is located.
  • The units whose project cost is above 10 Lac and more than the ceiling of Coir Udyami Yojana (CUY) are eligible for this scheme.
  • There should be the availability of the power connection & generator in the location of the coir unit.
  • The subsidy under this scheme is available to only those entrepreneurs who have not availed any other state/central government scheme like CUY.


This scheme was proposed to continue the scheme during the 12th plan period by keeping the recommendation of evaluating agency and other related factors.

This scheme has its main objective of higher productivity, modernization technology up-gradation, cost efficiency and the competitiveness of coir sector.


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