Family Income Limit Extended to Rs. 6 lakh for Students Fee Concession

Today government of Maharashtra has decided to extend fee waiver to those students whose family income is less 6 lacs per year. The fee waiver given only those students wants to do professional and higher educational courses, including medical and engineering.

The government of BJP also declared to provide reservation to the Maratha Community. Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis share the information about the Rajrishi Shahu Maharaj Fee Pratipurti Yojana with the press conference. This (RSMFPY) scheme will implemented for SC/ST and OBC students.

The government has decided that they will provided 100 fee waiver concession to SC/ST students. The 50% concession in fee waiver will be provided to OBC students. This scheme extended to all the students whose family income limit is 6 lac and who have got 60% marks at admission time. Those students whose family income up to Rs. 2.5 lac will have no any condition for them.

The decision of this scheme benefited the 6,000 students who study in the government institutions and 1.45 students of private institutions. The Narendra modi’s government also implemented the Punjabrao Deshmukh scheme to provide the free hostel facilities for the students of registered labourer and marginal farmers.

The government will give Rs. 20,000 for the district-level towns annually and the amount of Rs. 30,000 will be given in the big cities of the country.

The students of medical institutions, whose family income of Rs. 2.5 to 6 lacs and they take a educational loan the government will pay the interest of the loan. This scheme benefited about 35,000 students who study in government institutions and 3 lac students of private institutions.

The government focus also given 50% placements for the medical students. The quality of education developed in 2 years to get accreditation by medical institutions.

The common man has faced the many problems to take the admission in the good institutions because in the state education become a business for the people in the last 20 year.

  1. Nitheesh M Pillai left a comment on December 30, 2016 at 10:40 am

    Dear sir

    Sub: Rajrishi Shahu Maharaj Fee Pratipurti Yojana

    I am a student studying in a dte approved college in Mumbai for MBA course and came to know that Govt. of Maharashtra declared fee concession for Family Income Limit Extended to Rs. 6 lakh as “Rajrishi Shahu Maharaj Fee Pratipurti Yojana”.

    My family income is less than 5 lakh and I had enquired in my college about this annoucement and they are not having any information about above. Kindly let me know to whom should I contact about this – “Rajrishi Shahu Maharaj Fee Pratipurti Yojana”

    Thanking you in advance and awaiting your favourable response.

    Nitheesh M Pillai
    Mob. 9869172444

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