Free Health Checkup Scheme Punjab – Launches for Annual Health Checkup

The state government of Punjab announces on Sunday that the government is going to launch Free Health Checkup Scheme for the people who are above 30 years. Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal will launch this scheme today for the annual checkup of the people.

Under Free Health Checkup Scheme each resident of the State, who is above 30 years of age, will be screened for diseases like anaemia, hypertension, diabetes, kidney and liver etc, Principal Secretary, Health and Family Welfare Punjab, Vini Mahajan, said in a statement.

An expert group led by health advisor Dr. KK Talwar and Dr. Rajesh Kumar of PGIMER has planned this scheme to provide the medical checkup to the people of the state. Ms. Mahajan said that these types of diseases can be prevented and controlled if they are detected at early age.

So the state government has planned this scheme to provide the free health checkup annually for the people of Punjab who are above than 30 years. Ms. Mahajan said as per public health experts, health check-up on a regular basis, especially after the age of 30, is the key to prevention of such diseases and play a major role in determining the quality of life.

So after launching the initiative to provide free medicines and diagnostic facilities throughout the state the state government is going to launch Free Health Checkup Scheme. Under this scheme the state government will organize various programs yearly for the free checkup of the people who are 30 plus in the age.

Free Health Checkup Scheme will be key to prevent hazardous diseases and will play a major role to cover the 30 year plus population in the state. To run this scheme smoothly the government has planned to organize yearly programs in all the districts of the state Punjab.

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