Har Ghar Bijli Yojana- Power Connection to All Launched in Bihar

Har Ghar Bijli Yojana is launched by the Chief Minister of Bihar on 15 November 2016. The Chief Miniister Nitish Kumar launched this scheme and has given a task to the officers and administrative to reach the electricity to each and every house of the state. Nitish Kumar said that the state government has started to work on Saat Nischay scheme.

Under this scheme the state government will provide 50 Lac new electricity connections to the families who do not have electricity connection under Har Ghar Bijli Yojana. The chief minister has given order to the agencies to work at time if they are unable they will be cased. On this occasion the Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has inaugurated the projects of the Energy Department of Rs. 40.80 crore and allotted Rs. 440 crore for the projects in the state.

Chief Minister said that the state is developed in the field of electricity since 10 or 12 years. The consumption of the electricity is increased from 70 units to 250 unit per consumer. There number of the consumers has also been increased from 17 Lac to 81 Lac. The state government has made a survey of 1.95 core houses for Har Ghar Bijli Yojana. The consumers who do not have the amount to have connection will be provided amount from the government and the consumer has to repay this amount in installments.

In the starting of Har Ghar Bijli Yojana the state government will provide electricity connections to 20 Lac houses. Chief Minister also said over the Saat Nischay Scheme that the government has started working over this scheme. The second phase of this scheme will be started from today. The state government has started this scheme to provide the electricity connections to all the houses of the state. No house should be remain without the connection of electricity is the first aim of Har Ghar Bijli Yojana.

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