Haryana Government will Provide 1 Lakh Loan for Poor Women

The state government of Haryana recently announced a scheme that the poor women of the state will get the loan of 1 lac in the session 2016-17. This scheme is made for raising the level of livelihood of the women.

Under this scheme the loan of Rs 1 Lac will be provided to the women of Haryana for starting the business at a lower level. The state government will give the loans district vise.

The state government will give them loan to start the small business like crafting, knitting, handmade things, shops and general stores. Haryana Women Development Corporation will give the loan to 109 women in a district.

In 109 women there will be 70 women from general category and 39 women will be from schedule cast category.

The district magistrate delivered the complete information about this scheme and announced that there will be subsidy of Rs 5000 on the amount of loan given to the women.

To get the benefit of this scheme the income of the applicant women should not be more than Rs 1 Lac per year. Any member should not be the tax payer in the family of the applicant women.

The interested women can contact to the district magistrate office and to Haryana women Development Corporation (HWDC).

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