Insurance Policy for Blind Students Announced in Kerala

The state government of Kerala announces a group life insurance policy for the blind students. This policy is announced by the local unit of National Association for Blind (NAB) to mark the Louis Braille Day.

Under this insurance policy 700 visually impaired students will be given the financial assistance as insurance policy for their better livelihood. The blind students will get the life insurance policy under this group life insurance policy for the blind students.

This insurance policy is announced at a function held in observance of the 208th centenary of Louis Braille. Lizzie Jacob, former chief secretary of the State, was the chief guest at the event. The insurance policy has been facilitated by the Amway Opportunity Foundation, the corporate social responsibility wing of Amway India.

Under this insurance policy the students who are affected by the blindness will get the life insurance policy for the better livelihood. So the students who are unable to see can take the benefit of this insurance policy.

This insurance Policy will provide the encouragement to the blind students to be not demoralized. So the blind students will get the financial assistance they will not need to earn for their life.

NAB celebrated the occasion by organizing a Braille reading and writing competition for 81 visually impaired students at the organization. Quiz and music competitions were also held for students .The Braille calender was distributed amongst the beneficiaries of the NAB.

So the state government will provide the financial assistance to the blind students through life insurance policy.

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