Jyoti Gramodyog Vikas Yojana Objectives & Key Features

Jyoti Gramodyog Vikas Yojana was dedicated to the nation by the Late president A.P.J Abdul Kalam and started in 2015 in Gujarat by the state government of Gujarat.The main objective of this scheme is to provide 24 hours supply to the industries which are set up in rural areas.

Jyoti Gramodyog  Vikasa Yojana (JGVY) promote the development of the village industries through three phase uninterrupted supply of electricity.

New village industry projects set up in rural areas are the applicants of this scheme. The industries which have extended or renovate their unit will not be eligible for this scheme.

Under this scheme a financial assistance is also provided to the entrepreneur and to the owner of industries in rural areas.

Key Features & Objective of Jyoti Gramodyog  Vikas Yojana (JGVY)

The state government of Gujarat started this scheme with its kef features and objectives for the village industries.

  • The first and main mission of this scheme is to provide the electricity 24 hours in the rural areas industries.
  • This scheme will improve the quality of the lives of the people who are engaged in cottage and rural industries.
  • It will provide improved tools and technology to facilitate the production of products efficiently.
  • Individuals / entrepreneurs age of 25 to 50 years with 10th passed qualification are eligible for this scheme.
  • Grade -2 SHG (Self Help Group) who are engaged in the production of goods at a small level are eligible for this scheme.
  • The financial assistance of 25% of the limit of the projects 1 Lac to 25 Lac will be provided by the state government.
  • In the case of SC/ST/women and physically handicapped the amount of financial assistance will be 30%.
  • The amount of subsidy will be credited to the account of the beneficiaries and will be debited after two years successful runoff the project.
  • The applicants can submit their applications at the office of District Industry Board affiliated by Cottage & Rural Industries Department.


This scheme is monitored by Cottage & Rural Industries Department of Gujarat. The majority of the population of the state is living in the rural areas so this scheme is started to provide them benefits.

This scheme is started to provide new tools and improved technology to the industries of rural areas.

For more details –

Phone number- 079-232 59477/78

Fax- 079-232 59479

E-mail – compcr@gujarat.gov.in.

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