Kartik Habisyali Brata Yojana Launched

Kartik Habisyali Brata Yojana launched by Chief Minister Mr. Naveen Patnaik at Bhubneswar through a video conferencing program on Saturday. Under the scheme Habisyali’s will get special benefits at Puri during the month of Kartik. He also announced creation of accommodation for 2000 Habishialis arriving at Puri this year for Habisyali Brata.

The accommodation will be created at Narendra Kona, Bagala Dharmashala, Municipality Kalyan Mandap and Mochi Sahi. The newly created accommodation will have hygienic sanitation facilities, healthcare facilities, Puja related articles, religious sermons and clean drinking water. CM also says that next year the number of habisyalis accommodation will be increased next year.

Guest houses will be constructed for different states at Puri under Jagannath yojana and consist of market, parks and footpaths. Street lights will be solar powered in this project.

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