Kayakalp Award Yojana U.P -50 lakh To Be Won

Bahraich The Modi government of the Center and the Yogi Government of the UP Government, both governments have been working day and night to make Uttar Pradesh a clean and clean state with full force on its side to make this Kayakalap Maha Abhiyan yojana successful. In order to make awareness of the whole of the country, various campaign campaigns of different types of awareness campaigns are also being conducted throughout the country.

As the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, the Yogi Sarkar, in the first place, all the government offices spread all over the place in the state, immediately after the cleanliness of the walls of Pan, Tobacco, Gutkha and Pan masala, the responsible officers will be able to make such dirty traditions Was given the mandate to not repeat the recycling at any cost. As a result, the culture of Pan Masala Beedi, Cigarettes and Gutka etc., used to be consumed in all the government offices of the entire state, came with great speed.
At the same time, the CMS of the District Hospital of Bahraich district of Bahraich district, Dr OP Pandey is playing the responsibility of making the mission of the government with great power, let you know that the CMS of Bahraich, District Hospital, Dr OP Pandey, District Hospital, from the system of drug addiction To get freedom, the smokers are working strictly to monitor themselves, to check the grounds of health systems, Bahraich IAS Alok Kumar, the mission director of the NHM Plan, told the team of Uttar Pradesh that the UP government has started a Rejuvenating Award scheme for making all the government hospitals of the state as clean and narcotic spaces. The hospital management who has been successful in this campaign has a provision of getting a reward of up to Rs 50 lakhs, in which some part of the amount of the award is private item and This scheme can be spent in the development of the hospital, the scheme has been implemented by the state government for all district hospitals in the state, that means hospitals can be won by making cleanliness and rehabilitation of 50 lakhs,

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