Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana- Objectives & features

Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana (MGPSY) was launched by Indian government in October 2013. The main motto of this scheme is to provide the pension and insurance to Indian Migrant workers especially to those who migrate to Middle East.

This scheme is designed especially for the blue collar Indian workers in UAE and it was launched by Vyalar Ravi, the Union minister of Overseas Indian Affairs.

Overseas Indian workers are not excluded in the schemes of government so this scheme is launched to give benefit to the Overseas Indian workers.

The workers who are in possession of Emigration Check Required (ECR) are alo the beneficiary of this scheme.

Objectives & Features of Mahatma Gandhi Pravasi Suraksha Yojana (MGPSY)

The main features and the objectives of this scheme which have to be allotted for the Indian Overseas Workers are described here.

  • This scheme is a social security scheme for the blue collar Indian workers who hold a temporary work permit in over 17 Emigration Check Required (ECR) countries.
  • This scheme provides a home and life insurance cover of Rs 1 Lac during their work period in abroad.
  • Under this scheme the government provides a certain sum based on the gender of the worker. The female worker will get the contribution of Rs 3000 and the male worker will get the contribution of Rs 2000 for their work period or for the period of 5 years.
  • This scheme will help the workers to save their old age pension. The worker save Rs 1000 to 12000 will be given the contribution of Rs 1000 for the old age pension from the ministry.
  • This scheme provides an option for the Return & Resettlement savings. The worker who invests Rs 4000 they will get a contribution of Rs 900 in their R&R account.
  • An Overseas Indian worker will be provided a free life insurance and applicable as long as they are working in ECR companies.


Under this scheme a secure and well regulated framework has been designed encourage and assist the Overseas Indian Worker to participate under this scheme.

The eligible workers can open their account at the office of Protector Of Emigrate in India or at the help desks offices located ECR countries.

In order to join this scheme the ministry of India is going to start this scheme with the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

For more information and details toll free number- 1800-113-090

Website –


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