‘Mhara Gaon Jagmag Gaon’ Scheme Launched in Haryana

Manohar Lal Khattar Chief Minister of Haryana launched ‘Mhara Gaon – Jagmag Gaon’ scheme to provide 24 hours electricity to the rural consumers. After launched this scheme Haryana state become first in the country. The state government emphasis on solar power plants on roof tops to generate renewable energy. The government has decided to generate 400 MW renewable energy till 2020.

The objective of ‘Mhara Gaon – Jagman Gaon’ scheme is to provide 24 hour electricity  to rural consumers and also provide strength to distribution network to supply power easily. Around 83 feeders have been identified in the first phase of this scheme and the government cover 310 villages, 25 to 70% people have paid the electricity bills. The government supply power 15 hours in these villages

The Chief Minister said that meters installed in 310 villages out side the house and people replace old electricity wire with insulated wires. This process increase the power supply in these villages to 18 hours and when payment will reach 90% then the supply of power will also increase to 21 hours. The state government spend Rs. 15 to 20 lac per village for the implementation of ‘Mhara Gaon – Jagmag Goan’ scheme.

The people of rural areas now get electricity for their houses and the government also developed these rural areas through implementation of this scheme. Electricity is very important for households and there are many rural areas in our state in which the people faced many problems due to absence of electricity. But now government provide electricity in every rural areas.

If the people paid their outstanding bill in the five installments, then the interest and penalty of old bills would be waived and government provide 24 hours electricity supply in these villages. The government also organized Bijli Panchayat in all rural areas of the state. To resolve the problems officers of power department would be present in the Bijli Panchayats.

Installment of new pole, replacement of meters and enhancement of load these complaints would be resolved by the Officers of Electricity Department within one week. State government also beared the accumulated losses of Rs. 24,000 crore.

The state government set up 800 MW super thermal plant in Panipat to replace old obsolete units of 110 MW. Government also set up 800 MW super thermal plant in Yamunanagar.

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