Muskan Scheme to Be Started in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh

The central government has started many beneficial schemes for the benefit of the girl child. Under this scheme the mothers who have given birth to a girl will be provided financial assistance from the government.

The central government has started this scheme in the several states of the country.

Recently the central government has launched this scheme in Chamba District in Himachal Pradesh on 28 October 2016.

The main objective of this scheme is to make an equal ratio of boys and girls in the state.

This scheme is being applied to avoid the girl foeticide in the state which is increasing day by day.

With this scheme the citizens will be encourage that girl foeticide is wrong for the society.

The number of the girls is less than the number of the boys in the country so to equalize this ratio the government has started this campaign.

To start this campaign the occasion was organized in Gholti the Gram Panchayat of Saraul.

On this occasion Virendra Arya the head of the program welcomed the people and the chief guest.

He said that the Anganbadi centre is the centre of many services which are provided to the women of the rural areas.

Under Muskan scheme the central government has allotted Rs 95 Lac 75 thousand for this district.

The chief guest Saraul Kumari Vijaya highlighted the role of the women In the society and assured to reach this scheme to the all people.

The chief guest addressed the people to encourage them to be informed about such schemes in the state.

The main purpose of this scheme is to make the equal ratio of the girl and the boys in the country. So the benefit under this scheme is provided to those who birthed girl child in the district.





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