National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme to Receive Rs 1000 Crore via Skill Development Program

The just released National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme is acknowledged with a new turn today. The ministry of skill development is going to invest Rs. 1000 Crore into PSUs under the skill development plan.

The Union government is looking to invest around Rs1,000 Crore in PSUs( Public Sector Undertakings under the skill development plan launched earlier. The Skill Development plan is an initiative move for the generation of up to 500,000 jobs.

After the two rounds of discussion with dozens of PSUs, the ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship aimed at deploying over 500,000 apprentices instead of 36,000 which is current figure of apprentices deployed. The PSUs committed to generate this much of leads over the given period of time and in return, they will receive Rs. 18,000 per apprentice deployed.

According to sources, number of PSUs is struggling with manpower crises in excess of 12% to 15%. If go by figures, about half-a-million apprentices cost Rs900 Crore to PSUs in terms of payment of salary. Here the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme can bring a sigh of relief to the overburdened PSUs. The effectiveness of the scheme expected to generate skilled and qualified working hands for PSUs at a lower cost to the company.

As per the words of skills secretary Rohit Nandan, “People always talk about private sector while talking about skill development but we believe the public sector can play an equal role. Several of our PSUs are capable of deploying apprentices and thus creating potential jobs.” With his words, he addressed the effectiveness and enhanced capabilities of workforce generated via skill development and apprentices platforms.

Asheesh Sharma,The Director General (training) at the skills ministry, Asheesh Sharma said that the ministry is making its best efforts to encourage PSUs to tie up with ITIs or Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) partners and generate a skilled workforce for the nation.

In the initial days of the National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme, the students from ITIs and technical schools were the only eligible sources for apprenticeships. But now with the latest update on this scheme, candidates who have successfully completed their short-term skill courses under PMKVY can join factory floors as apprentices.

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