National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme

National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) has been notified by Government of India under which apprenticeship will be provided to 50 lakh youths by the year 2012. In this scheme Government will help the employer by sharing 25% of the prescribed stipend provided that the shared amount will not exceed Rs 1500. The Govt. of India has kept 10,000 crore budget for this scheme.

The objective of this scheme is to develop skilled labor for the industry as there is a very less number of people who have industry relevant skills. Through apprenticeship training youth can learn skills and employer can get manpower which they can train and get skilled labor in future. The basic training cost in this scheme will be shared by Government to relive employer from the expenses they bear while training new people.

Highlights of National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme

  • Online portal ( ) to complete the demand and supply of apprentices .
  • The courses to be treated as equivalent in PMKVY/MES for basic training component. The (SSC) and (NCVT) designed one year practical content for on-the-job training for such courses.
  • Defraying of employer with apprenticeship training cost.
  • The limit of reimbursement of cost of basic training of Rs. 7500,  for maximum 500 hours and 3 months.
  • Through apprenticeship training create a package to 50 lac trained workforce in 4 years.
  • 25% of prescribed stipend subject to a maximum of  Rs. 1500/- per month per apprentice by government of India to all employers who engage apprentices was reimbursed.
  • This scheme also covers the service sector.

Features of this scheme

  • The Union Ministry of Skill Development has launched National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme to improve the skills and training of young generation for future jobs.
  • The training program will be held in many institutes across the country.
  • The 5 million young generation will be eligible for this scheme to receive skill development training.
  • 50% cost of the training will be beard by the government and also share 25% of stipend given by training organisation.
  • The 2,30,000 students are get training in the training institutions.

Contribution of government in this scheme

10,000 crore Rupees contributed by the Government in this project of National Apprenticeship Promotion. 50% amount of training will be beared by the government and government also provide 25% of stipend given by organisation. The government also provide the commercial benefits to the organisations.


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