National SC/ST Hub to be launched in Ludhiana

It is big news for the new entrepreneurs that the prime minister of our country will launch National SC/ST hub on 18 October in Ludhiana. It was declared in the first meeting of the National High Power Committee headed by Kalraj Mishra in national capital in September.

The main objective of the National SC/ST hub is to make strong to the skilled training and providing financial help to the new entrepreneurs.

A special cell is also created in the national capital for making the new comers complete informed.

Prime minister has announced an initial allotment of Rs 490 crores for the period of 2016-2020 for the National SC/ST Hub.

This hub will be operated from the National Small Industries Corporation in New Delhi.

The National SC/ST hub will motivate the self employed people and also will provide financial help to the new entrepreneurs.

For the better functioning of this scheme various committees are set up. High Powered Committee is constituted by minister MSME.

Advisory committee is head by Milind Kamble president of DICCCI. Empowered Project Approval Committee is headed by secretary, MSME.

PM Modi will also launch ZED scheme which will have zer effect and zero effect on environment and charkhas will be distributed to the women.

This scheme is being launched to raise the quality in the unregulated sectors. this scheme is based on the environment parameters which are designed by the Quality Council of India.

There will be the awards according to the performance of the entrepreneurs as bronze, silver , gold and platinum. the ZED platinum award will be given to the manufacturer who will follow the international standard and globally the best practices around the world.

it will also fulfill the procurement target set by government in the sector public enterprises. so this is the big news for the new entrepreneurs.






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