Pink Driving License Scheme Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh government started a new scheme called “Aao Bhaiya Tumhe Sair Karaye” on the occassion of Bhaiya Duj. Under the scheme government will provide free pink driving license to women in the state. The scheme is launched to promote driving skills among women, The color of license under this scheme is Pink.

State Women and Child Development Minister Archana Chitnis gave this information. He said that Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan has made provision for women to get free driving license. The color of these licenses will be pink. Women will not have to pay any fees for this. It aims to encourage women and girls to become a driving license.

Pink Driving License:

According to the information, the women and women will be working on a number of pc driving licenses for the purpose of adding more number of two-wheeler and four wheeler license plans and for the purpose of awareness. In the scheme of ‘Come brother to visit you’, the Department of Transport, Higher Education, School Education and Women’s Empowerment will work together and will be linked to the provision of free driving license facility to women and women.

Under this, camps will be set up to colleges, municipal councils, city councils, developmental level and coordination of the departments, women will be working on making a pink driving license. With the application on the spot, learning of the rules will also be given. Indeed, the Government has recognized that due to rising urbanization, it is necessary to provide licenses in simple manner with the mobility of women to operate the vehicle. It will increase the confidence of driving as well as the tendency of working.

The Pink Driving License, i.e. temporary license, will be made for a period of 6 months, after which the rules will be made and the license tax will be completed. Training women and women through driving training institutions. After this the Transport Department will provide a regular license by running special operations.

Special campaign:
Chitnis said that the expansion of urbanization means to increase the mobility of women. Therefore, a special drive to create their driving license will be run.

This will be the complete process:

– A temporary license of six months will be issued

– During this time there will be training in 94 institutions.

After this, a permanent license will be issued

Operation Driving Bravery 1 November:

At the same time, Minister Chitnis also said that ‘Operation Driving bravery’ will be run from November 1 to promote the profession of driving in women and choose it as employment. It will continue till International Women’s Day (March 8).

Here’s the ‘base’ for the driving license mandatory:
Now the Aadhar card is necessary in the driving license too. The Aadhaar card was not yet valid in the license process so far. But the Central Road Transport Ministry has changed the license rules by amending the Motor Vehicle Act. Under which, it is mandatory to provide Aadhaar number for the purpose of making a driving license.

The process of making learning and Permanent License is also being simplified. At the same time, applicants will not have to apply for separate licensing and licensing applications.

Advantage of new rules: –

1. Not a hassle of documents: Documents like voter IDs, passports, LICs will not be required to be licensed. Aadhaar card will be enough. The base is placed at the top of the list of required documents.

2. It is easy to make a learning-Permanent License: A separate application is required for Learning and Permanent License now. Under the new arrangement, the same application has to be made once for both licenses.

3. Medical certificate not necessary: There will be no scope for applying medical certificates for license. During the license renewal, only 40 years of age must be given medical certificate.

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