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A new website is developed to catalogue college professors who advance leftist propaganda in the classroom. The official website for tracking the professors who advance leftist propaganda is through which action can be taken against professors.

The Professor Watchlist was created by the conservative activist organization Turning Point USA which was launched on Monday. This website states the mission of Watchlist which is to expose and document to the professor of college who makes discrimination against the conservative students. The mission to create this official website is to demonstrate the liberal bias in the classroom.

Professor Watchlist

Professor Watch list in this website is intended to expose documents and organize radical professors across the country who have been engaged in anti- American and left list in the behavior in their classes. We believe the professors have a right to say whatever they wish, but feel a responsibility to students and alumni and parents to expose the radicalism that has our college and the university.

At least one professor who teaches on the Boulder campus and one on CUs Colorado Springs campus has appeared on the list, which features the names of nearly 150 professors around the country. Alison Jaggar, a CU Boulder philosophy professor of distinction, appeared on the watch list Tuesday, but on Wednesday her name and group’s description of her were no longer visible on the website.

Officials from Turning point USA were not immediately available to answer the questions. Jaggar appears to have been targeted for her research and writings on feminist philosophy, according to an archived version of the website. She also was named in David Horowitz 2006 book “The Professors: the 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America”.

So the official website is made to provide students with a tool to learn the political leanings of the professors and to promote the diversity of thoughts.

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