Rs. 2000 to Help Accident Victims in New Delhi

Delhi government will provide Rs. 2000 to the persons who help the accident victims at the time of the accident. This announcement is made on Friday in the cabinet meeting. The people of Delhi will not hesitate to help the accident victims by the implementation of this scheme.

The Cabinet also announced that the assembly’s winter session will be held on January 17 and 18. Among the decisions approved by the Cabinet is an incentive scheme for good samaritans. Those who help accident victims and take them to hospital will now get Rs 2,000 as a reward from the government, along with a letter of appreciation.

In actual the people hesitate to help the road accident victims for fear of being drawn into the situation and this incentive will bring down social apathy. In the year 2015 a total number of accidents occurred in the capital is 8,085. As of now, there are no provisions in the law which encourage people to take the injured to hospitals for treatment said by the Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

Delhi government has made this announcement to save the lives due to the unavailability of help in the road accidents. The government will provide the amount of Rs. 2000 to the people who help the victims of accidents on the spot.

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