Samajwadi Pension Yojana to be Paid Monthly

On this Diwali festival a good news coming for the people who receive Samajwadi Pension. Now the pension holders don’t wait of pension money for a long time. The pension money transferred to the pensioners account in every month. The bill also joint in the Treasury to transferred the money before the festival.

The 53 lac beneficiaries are present in the Uttar pradesh who take the pension money under the Samajwadi Pension Yojana. The Uttar Pradesh government targeted 55 lac people to provide the benefits of Samajwadi Pension Yojana. According to Samajwadi Yojana the amount of Rs. 500 is transferred in to beneficiaries bank accounts.

For the completion of other developments components, there is also a proposal of yearly increment of 50 Rupees, it can be maximize 750 Rupees per month. The government pay the quarterly for the pension holders under the Samajwadi Pension yojana. The payment of pension from April to September has been done in two installments in this financial year.

Quarterly payment create many problems for the pension holders, therefore Akhilesh Yadav give orders for the monthly payment. The social welfare departments is ready with our all arrangements to transferred the money in the beneficiaries bank account. To transferred the pension money of October the government have send the bill to the state Treasury. The social welfare department said that pension will be transferred in the pension holders accounts in one week.

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