Trade Infrastructure Export Scheme (TIES) to be launched to Boost Export

The central government is planning to roll out a new scheme namely Trade Infrastructure Export Scheme (TIES) in order to boost the exports in the country. Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman has instructed the states to develop their export strategy aligned with the national trade policy to boost the exports.

It was the second meeting of the Council for Trade Development and Promotion which was held in New Delhi today. Ministers and senior officials from the States and other Ministries were present in the meeting to discuss over the Trade Infrastructure Export Scheme.

The objective of this meeting was to develop partnership with the states to boost the international trade. Since the last January the central government has managed to contain the trade deficit due to the control on import so there is need to make new trading strategies to boost the exports through Trade Infrastructure Export Scheme.

There Sector Specific needs can broadly be categorized into interventions required for Agriculture and marine products, for forest produce and for industrial products. The Commerce Minister urged the States to enhance their cooperation with Central Agencies for setting up common facilities like testing labs, training institutes as well as packaging and storage support to industry regarding the Trade Infrastructure Export Scheme.

The minister also requested to the states to consider hi higher allocation of resources for export infrastructure from their increased devolution of funds. So however all the states have been agree to work or to make trading strategies tp support the Trade Infrastructure Export Scheme.

So the central government is going to introduce the Trade Infrastructure Export Scheme (TIES) to boost up the country’s export. So far the 17 states have prepared their strategies and the expert commissioners have been designated by 28 states to support the Trade Infrastructure Export Scheme (TIES).

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