Ujjawala plus Yojana Launching Soon

Do you want to leave your LPG subsidy and give it to a marked poor under ‘Give It Up Scheme’ on the government’s appeal? Or do you want to give LPG connection to any other poor? Both of your motivations can be fulfilled under Ujjawala Plus Yojana. Ujjwala Plus will be the next step of Ujjwala’s current scheme to provide free LPG connection to the poor families living below the poverty line. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will announce the plan at the Red Fort on Independence Day next month, which provides cooking facility clean LPG to approximately 95 per cent of the population over the next two years.

Ujjwala Yojana has joined NDA’s most influential schemes of the government. Under the scheme launched in May, 2016, till July 15, 2017, 2.5 million households have been given LPG connections. The government had targeted to provide 50 million new LPG connections in five years but due to Ujjwala, 3.70 crore connections have been given in only 14 months. Three months ago, the success of this scheme is considered to be a major reason for the victory of BJP in a big state like Uttar Pradesh.

In such a scenario, the government is going to start the new phase of Ujjwala scheme before the next general elections. But the participation of the common people in the new step would be more important because now any rich person or corporate house or organization will be able to implement the scheme of giving free LPG connections to poor families or in their own city.

Two-way government effort

Official oil companies are busy finalizing the new scheme. According to the sources, the government has understood that the scheme for giving new LPG connections is also very much expected from the political point of view. That’s why this time round effort will be made. Aside from state-owned oil companies LPG range, plans to spend Rs 30 crore in the next three years in far-flung areas to reach consistently LPG system requires is created. On the other hand, the government is going to try to connect all the affluent Indians under the Ujjwala Plus with this scheme and to connect them directly to society development and nation building. The result will be that in the important states like Bihar, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal, the number of families who make food on LPG will be greatly increased till the next general elections. The number of families making food on LPG in these states is still less than 63 per cent of the national average. The Government intends that by May, 2019, 95 per cent households get LPG connections. Three years ago when the NDA government was formed, 52 percent of the households in the country used to cook food on LPG. It has reached 73-74 percent right now.

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