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Amity University is one of the top private universities in India. Amity University is a multi campus private research university in India. This university was established under an act of Uttar Pradesh legislature. The official website of Amity University is www.amity.edu

Amity University was formed by Ashok Chouhan, the founder of the Ritnand Balved Education Foundation. Amity University is the first private university in which implemented reservation based on castes etc. for both faculty as well as students in India. The school was started in 2003 with an enrollment of 120 students. In2011. It had 80 thousand students in 240 programmes. Now it has more than 125,000 students from all over the world.

Amity University Official

The official website of Amity University contains all type of the information about the university. Amity University was ranked in top 30 universities of India in 2013 and received several ranks. Its engineering school was ranked top among India’s emerging colleges. Its BBA and LLB programmes were ranked first in India and the school of communication was ranked 5 amongest Mass Communication Programme in India. The fashion design programme was ranked 7th in India and the university has been ranked 12th by careers 360s top private universities in India.

Amity University, Noida is recognized by the University Grants Commission and it is mostly for distance education programme. Amity University has various business schools across various cities in India under the name of Amity Global Business Schools.  In September 2015 the university signed a memorandum of understanding with BSE institute, a subsidiary of the Bombay stock exchange, to commerce a 2 year distance learning MBA programme in global financial markets.

Official Website of Amity University – www.amity.edu

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