www.deseat.me – Delete Your Online Presence

The developers of Swedon has created a website www.deseat.me that will help you delete the accounts on the internet few steps. Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unneback created this website which is made for the deletion of accounts from the internet. This website is created tom clean up your presence on the internet.

After the creation of this website the users of the internet will get one more option that do you want to delete your account from the internet. It will ask the email address and the password to confirm that it is who wants to delete its account form the internet.

The developers of this website said that the privacy of the users seriously and that the programme runs on the user’s computer rather than their server. So basically only the thing you are telling us is want accounts do you want to delete. The website uses Google’s security protocols which mean it does not gain access to user’s log in information.

This website is fairly limited at the moment, it requires user to have the Google email address which is used of all of your online accounts on the internet. So far those ancient Myspace and Bebo accounts that you have signed up with a Hotmail address you will need to go to the website yourself and delete the account.

It also has not managed to retrieve to receive account deletion information from every service yet so some appear with a greyed out delete button. This website may not work for the smaller cities. This website does already work with most major websites that users would be likely to have accounts with such facebook and twitter.

This website will help the people to delete their account from the internet if they are getting problems and abuses at their account. The official website for this purpose www.deseat.me.

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