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The (PWD) Public Works Department Haryana is a state government authority, and is in charge of public sector works in the State of Haryana. It is part of the Ministry of Public Works Department, and is entrusted with the construction and maintenance of buildings for most of the government departments and public undertakings. The Public Works Department also construct the roads, infrastructure and bridges. The PWD department operate many functions for the welfare of the public.

PWD Haryana official website

The Minister of (PWD) Public Works Department Haryana is Narbir Singh. Rakesh Manocha is Engineer-in-chief (PWS) Public Works Department Haryana. Hardeep Kumar is a Chief Secretary to government in Public Works Department (PWD).

The categories of roads under Public Works department are National highway 2,482 km, state highway 1,108 km, district roads 1,395 km, villages roads 20,344 km. The grand total of these roads 26,022 km under PWD Department. The PWD also construct various bridges and buildings for the welfare of the public.

Executive Engineer (General)

Nirman Sadan, Plot No. 1, Dakshan Marg,Sector 33-A,Haryana PWD (B & R), Chandigarh.

Phone – 91-172-2618275(Recepition)

Contact :Whats App No. of Hr. PW (B&R) Department – 09999001316

The official website of (PWD) Public works Department Haryana is http://www.haryanapwd.nic.in

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