Zero Defect Zero Effect Model Details and Benefits

On 15th August 2014 Narendra Modi Prime Minister of India talk about the make in India with Zero Defect Zero Effect strategy. Prime Minister said that the country needs produce the best quality products with no effect on the environment. The ZED model raise the quality of the products in the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises sectors.

The objective of ZED model is make India a global manufacturing hub, it generate the jobs and boost the growth of the country. Narendra Modi wants to makes the organizations performance in their products. The organizations produce the products at zero defect and there is zero effect on environment. Through this scheme the Prime Minister protect the environment and make India green.

Benefits of Zero Defect Zero Effect

  • Protect environment
  • Increase social and environmental benefits
  • Best quality of products reduces the rejection and bigger revenue
  • Lower cost and good quality product
  • Generation of additional employment
  • Other benefits of this scheme announced by government time to time

The protection of environment is a big challenge for all the countries. Every country focused on the protection of environment and use many steps for the protection. If we follow the scheme Zero Defect Zero Effect the environment of our country protected. The states in which the ZED will drive initially are Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Karnataka and Maharashtra, they have 57% employments and 59% of sector export.

In the ZED model there are 30 cities in which the 40 awareness workshops have been opened. In July Prime Minister of India activated the online self-assessment and the reports of these Self-assessment was sent to 126 companies. The government wants to popularise the scheme among vendors and dealers through Flipkart, Snapdeal, Tata Steel, TAFE and Tata Motors.

This Zero Defect Zero Effect scheme improve the environment and also improve the production of Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSME). Through the ZED model the environment will be protected in the country. The Indian Institutes of Technology in Kanpur and Delhi are work as ZED cells across the country.

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